Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Super Scoops?
Loads of places! You can find Super Scoops in tons of groceries, specialty stores, and resellers nationwide. For a full list of our partners, click here. We do recommend contacting your desired place beforehand to ensure stock availability!
(Fun fact— we’re also present in several countries in the Middle East, with more to come!)

If you prefer ordering online, Super Scoops is also readily available online including our official e-commerce website Happy Scooping!

Do you deliver? (

Yes, we do! For orders via, your Scoops will be delivered FROZEN in 1-4 working days and with dry ice. As of the moment, we can only deliver within Metro Manila.

Do you have same-day delivery? Can I have my order picked up?
At the moment, we don’t have same day delivery, but we do accommodate same-day pickup. You may place your order at our website and select the pickup option upon checkout. Once your payment has been confirmed, you may pick up your order in person or via a courier, just be sure that your order number is known by the one picking up your order.
I’m from outside Metro Manila, where can I get Super Scoops?
Not to fret, we have loads of resellers and partner stores outside of Metro Manila, check out a list here. If you don’t see your location on the list, please let us know so we can work on expanding to your area!

If you’re from cities close to Metro Manila, you may also order your Scoops for PICK-UP and book your own courier to handle the delivery for you. We’ll still be including dry ice so you can be sure your Super Scoops arrive frozen!

I’m interested in selling Super Scoops, how can I do this?
We’re so excited to have you on board! You can start by filling out this form and we’ll definitely be in touch!
Is Super Scoops 100% Vegan?
Super Scoops is manufactured in a facility with all vegan products and ingredients. We’re still working on getting our certification but rest assured- there are no chances of nonvegan contamination.
All of our flavors do not contain gluten except for Almond Cookie Dough which has some gluten in its cookie dough chunks. However, the facility where Super Scoops is manufactured is not a certified gluten-free facility so if you’re especially sensitive to gluten then we would advise caution.
At the moment, Super Scoops is made with coconut milk and soy milk. We’re working on developing soy-free flavors very soon!
Sugar-Free and Diabetic-Friendly?
Super Scoops is sweetened with unrefined organic coconut sugar which has a lower glycemic index compared to cane sugar. Those sensitive to sugar may enjoy our Scoops as a treat! Note that there is some cane sugar in the soy milk that we use.
Many of our flavors are made with tree nuts and soy. For a list of ingredients per flavor, please refer to the flavor pages here.
Super Scoops has a shelf life of about one year.
I had an issue with my order…
We’re so sorry to hear this! Please send us a message on our social media channels (@superscoopsdairyfree) so we can address this ASAP.

Other questions? We’d be happy to help! Drop us a line at @superscoopsdairyfree on Instagram and Facebook or